Tournaments News

Please read the President's Congresses Update for full details. 

In brief, the Mallorca Overseas Congress, originally booked for 2020, is to be held from 4 - 11 May 2022 at no additional cost.  Here is the brochure, again with booking arrangements through The SBU and GEBOS now offer, in addition, the possibility of an October Congress in Crete, from 14 - 21 October 2021. GEBOS seeks to gauge Interest before a Final Contract is agreed with the Hotel.

The SBU is delighted to announce that Frances McKeon and Robert Clow have jointly accepted the post of Congress Convenor.  Julie and Hasan Choudhury will work closely with them until such time as they are happy to “go it alone”.

The face to face congress at Stirling Court Hotel is cancelled. It is hoped to run an event online 3 - 5 July.

The Gold Cup is the UK's most prestigious team competition run by Bridge Great Britain.  And because there is a 'consolation event' for 1st and 2nd round losers, everybody is guaranteed at least two matches.

Normally teams from Scotland play one another in order to keep travel to a minimum but this year, because of Covid, all 1st and 2nd round matches are being played on-line.  This gives us a unique opportunity to play teams from far flung parts of England and Wales. I think that Scottish teams will enjoy the opportunity this brings, particularly because the seeded teams do not join in until Rd 3 so we all have a good chance to win some matches.  And if you do lose in an early round, entry to the Marion Hill trophy is free.  

I hope you will support this long standing and prestigious event.

Joan Forsyth,
President of the SBU