The home of Scottish Bridge

Five tournaments for different ranks.  Registration opens 1st April.  There have been changes in the eligibility over the last couple of years.  The current arrangements are:

Event Ranks (inlcuding any stars) No of Boards Red Points for winner Entry Fee
Fairlie Club Master to District Master 24 boards 6 BBO$ 10
Shenkin  Master to Senior Master 26 boards 8 BBO$ 12
Farquarson Regional Master 48 Boards 10 BBO$ 14
Harrison Scottish Master to Senior Life Master 48 Boards 10 BBO$ 14 
Benjamin Grandmaster 48 Boards 10 BBO$ 14


Your eligibility will depend on your rank on 1st April 2024. You can find your rank on Mempad or if you need assistance please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

National Points as shown above to the winners with awards to the top ½ of the field (assuming a minimum of 25 entrants)