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Learning Bridge with the Scottish Bridge Union is very rewarding - whether you wish to learn to play face to face at a Bridge Club or online, we have a solution for you! 

Learning face to face at a local Bridge Club provides a more rounded experience.
Face to Face Lessons are available throughout Scotland.

Whilst we encourage you to get down to your local Bridge Club, for those unable to do so there is the option of online lessons.
Online Bridge Lessons

Practice Hands
See below under "Teaching Resources" for practice hands corresponding to the 20 Lesson Course.


SBU Safeguarding Policy

If you are interested in teaching bridge, please contact the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. in the first instance.
The SBU has two approved bridge courses (one a shorter version of the other) 20 Lesson Course and 60 Lesson Course leading to the SBU Standard System .

Schools Bridge

The preferred method of teaching bridge in schools is through the Minibridge Course.

Teaching Resources

Resources for SBU Tutors

Information for teachers of the SBU 20 week course.
There are 2 excellent resources specifically for those attending Beginners' Classes. The material is based on the content of the SBU 20 lessons.

BridgeTrainer allows you to select specific lessons from 1 to 20 and provides the hands for you to practice bidding & responding. Whether you have bid correctly or not, each attempt is followed by an explanatory note. There is no option for playing the hands. 

Shark Bridge allows you to select hands from lessons 4 to 20 below which you can bid then play against robots without downloading the app. There is no teaching.

The most beneficial way to use these 2 sites would be to learn the bidding on BridgeTrainer then follow up by practicing the play on Shark Bridge.

Lesson 4  Opening 1 of a Suit
Lesson 5  New Suit Bids & Opener Rebids
Lesson 6  Suit Rebids with Minimum and Strong Hands. Responder's Rebids 
Lesson 7  Balanced Hands. Bidding NT & Stayman
Lesson 8  Balanced Hands Bidding NT & Transfers
Lesson 9  Card Play
Lesson 10  More Card Play
Lesson 11  Recap and Hand Evaluation Beyond HCP's
Lesson 12  Competitive Bidding 1 Overcalls
Lesson 13  Competitive Bidding 2 Bid NT as Overcall
Lesson 14  Takeout Doubles TOX
Lesson 15  Weak 2 bids in 3 suits
Lesson 16  Pre emptive 3 and 4 level bids
Lesson 17  Negative Doubles and Penalty Doubles
Lesson 18  Strong Bids two club convention
Lesson 19  Strong Bids 2NT opening bids 20 to 22 points
Lesson 20  Defensive play techniques

Easily adaptable flyers for advertising lessons.

See further the resources in the menu on the left of this page. There is additional information that we hold in our Education Dropbox that should be of interest - for access please contact  Gill Roberts.

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