The home of Scottish Bridge

The SBU runs three online weekend competitions.  One aimed at Bronze players and the others for all  SBU members.  To play you need to have registered by BBO name with your SBU Mempad account.  The easiest way to find the tournaments on BBO:  go to "Competitive", "All Tournaments" and search (top right of table) for "SBU".

There are also two League Competitions: SOLS and the Bronze League.

  Day Time  Platform     Entry Fee
Bronze Brunch  Saturday 11.45 am BBO Pairs for Bronze players 6 x 2 Board rounds 1.80 BBO$
Saturday Swiss Saturday 7.00 pm BBO Swiss Pairs 5 x 5 board rounds 4.50 BBO$
Teatime Individual Sunday 3.00 pm BBO Individual tournamant - you do not need a partner to play.

12 x 1 board round

1.80 BBO$