The home of Scottish Bridge

Learn to play bridge online in a well organised series of approved classes with the Scottish Bridge Union. There are many clubs and teachers around Scotland who will get you started playing bridge with a minimum amount of fuss.

If you would prefer learning Bridge face to face we also have clubs and teachers ready to teach you there.  See this page for face to face learning

Tim Wickens  offers classes at all levels on Friday mornings via zoom and BBO on behalf of u3a online acrosscotland. We are using the SBU recommended Perth 20 lesson course.  Contact Ann Wickens for further details. Register via the u3a onlineacrossscotland

Barnet Shenkin is an SBU Grand Master and an International bridge player. He has generously offered his expertise to SBU members. He offers free weekly BBO and zoom presentations featuring hands from World Championships with teaching points and much more - contact him on Youtube at Barnetshenkinbridge., at his free website at with teaching hands, entertainment and stories , and ask about courses for intermediates and intermediate plus zoom based webinars. For information contact Barnet Shenkin.

Grace White is an accredited English Bridge Teachers Association teacher, running relaxed and interactive lessons for all levels using the English Bridge Education and Development course Bridge for All. Classes run throughout the main part of the year in 8 week blocks, with a beginners' online class starting in October. Please contact Grace White  for further details and guidance or visit Grace White Bridge Classes Live aka The Purple Page Club. All Bridge Lessons are relaxed and interactive and are taught online on Zoom and RealBridge, using the English Bridge Education and Development course Bridge for All.  In addition to set Lessons, Supervised Play sessions and Duplicate Practice sessions are also available to Purple Page Club students throughout the year, and her Realbridge Practice Lounge is open for their use 24/7.

 Anne Brodie-Allan has been teaching online for 10 years and teaches either Standard American Yellow Card or Two-over-One Game Forcing.  She taught Acol with the SBU teaching Lessons over a 3 year period for 15 years in Aberdeen.  She does not charge for lessons but if any SBU members want to learn more about SAYC and 2/1 She is happy to teach them.  She  teaches on Tuesdays and Fridays at noon for those interested. Contact Anne Brodie-Allan.