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As the name suggests, Laws & Ethics (L&E) is responsible for helping SBU members and tournament directors to comply with and implement the Laws of Bridge but also provide guidance on some of the more delicate ethical matters that face players, both in online and in face-to-face games.

In addition, Committee members deal with disciplinary matters that cannot or should not be resolved at club or District level.  Where misbehaviour cannot be resolved by a tournament director or are regarded as sufficiently serious to merit escalation to national level, this should be referred in the first instance to Ian Patrick, Chair of L&E.  If, on the other hand, a potential misdemeanour relates to an allegation of online cheating, evidence should be submitted to David Wiseman, Chair of L&E’s Investigative Panel.  In all cases, disciplinary matters will be handled in strictest confidence in line with the confidentiality agreements signed by all members involved.

A number of documents have been attached for the information and guidance of members.

Law & Ethics Committee

  • Ian Patrick (Chair)
  • Mike Ash
  • Angus MacDonald
  • Liz McGowan
  • David Shenkin
  • David Wiseman

Investigation Panel

  • David Wiseman (Chair)

Disciplinary Panel

  • Ian Patrick (Convenor)
  • Bobby Dickson (Chair of Tribunals)
  • Nuala Booth
  • John Copland
  • Sandy Duncan
  • Jim Hay
  • Graham Johnson
  • Joan Lees
  • Abi Milne (Secretary)
  • Matthew Pumphrey