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When playing private matches, eg Scottish or Gold Cup or League, there is not normally a Director present and problems can arise. If an irregularity does occur you should consult the two captains immediately, bearing in mind that they may not have played the board. Failure to do this at the time can jeopardise your rights in the same way as failure to call a Director - Law 9B1(a). The captains should give a ruling immediately if the problem can be resolved by reference to the Law Book (leads out of turn, revokes, etc). However if the problem is a judgemental one such as a hesitation or mistaken explanation then a decision should be postponed until the end of the set. You should then proceed as follows:

The captains should try to agree a result on the board. If they fail then contact an approved referee taken from the above list. Either captain can appeal against the eventual ruling given by the referee. If a decision to appeal is taken then the match result as played should be sent to the convener accompanied by:

  1. A deposit of £10 (refunded only if the appeal is deemed not to be frivolous).
  2. Full details of the board including dealer, vulnerability, bidding and play.
  3. The result of the board at all tables.
  4. The original ruling and who gave it.
  5. Reason for the appeal with statements from the appellants and their opponents signed by the appropriate captains.

If the captains cannot get a ruling at the time of the irregularity or decide to let the matter be settled later by a referee, they should send the result to the convener with the above information (no deposit required). The convener will consult a referee for a ruling. Such a ruling may then be appealed on payment of a deposit. If there is a chance that an appeal or a postponed ruling may result in a tie in a knockout match, then extra boards must be played at the time to split the potential tie.