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We launched our Better Behaviour campaign in an attempt to make our members aware of their obligations to themselves and other players. The campaign ran over two years, and contained lots of very useful material which we continue to present to you.

This was the original concept (based on a poster produced by Cathy Ferguson in 2014):

Unacceptable Behaviour

BULLYING All forms of intimidation; loud and aggressive behaviour; summoning the TD in an unpleasant manner; hectoringless experienced players; imposing rulings without consulting the TD or the Laws
RUDENESS Ignoring opponents; arguing with them, the TD or partner; using insulting or offensive language
IMPATIENCE Indicating annoyance when an opponent (or partner) takes time for thought; demanding attention from the TD when he is otherwise engaged
DILLY-DALLYING Arriving late at the table; time-wasting between and during deals
GRATUITOUS REMARKS Comments on partner's shortcomings, opponents' ignorance, TD decisions, unfair point distribution . . .
EMOTIONAL OUTBURSTS Nobody enjoys these! Bite your tongue and count to ten


BE KIND to opponents, partner, the TD….everybody
REPORT unacceptable behaviour at the time, not later – we must take a firm stand to stamp it out
INTRODUCE yourself to others, and new playersto your club and our events
DO YOUR BIT to assist in the smooth running of events
GIVE something back to the game we all love
ENJOY your bridge and others will enjoy playing with and against you