The home of Scottish Bridge

We hope you will join us for the BAMSA BAM on RealBridge on Saturday 27 April which is fundraising in order to introduce more young players to bridge. 

This is a teams event scored by board-a-match 

This may be a new fun format for you - the tactics are similar to matchpoints but you play as a Team. See here for more info on the BAM format:

There will be 20 x 2 board rounds.  In each round you score 1 point for a board you win and 1/2 a point for a draw.  The winners are the teams with the highest number of points at the end. 

Register your team on the SBU tournament page:

Please support the SBU and BAMSA raising money for youth and schools bridge in Scotland. There are concessions for U21 teams. 

We look forward to seeing you in this exciting event! 

Mike Baron (SBU) and Sam Punch (BAMSA)