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Dear Members

I hope you are all enjoying your bridge despite the atrocious weather we have been having in Scotland over the last
few months. As usual there is lots going on which I would like to share with you.

Survey of Members

I mentioned in my last Newsletter that we plan to conduct another survey of members. As a member organisation it
is imperative that we endeavour to understand members’ needs and reflect the wide range of different preferences
in our future planning. We can only do this if you let us know what you think. We hope to issue this very soon and I
would ask you to take the time to complete it please.

Bridge Awareness Week September 2024

Having announced in December that we are keen to hold a Bridge Awareness Campaign in September, the English
Bridge Union announced plans to do something similar at the same time. It seems sensible to work together to create
a UK wide campaign, particularly since the EBU has already prepared a lot of the necessary marketing. We expect to
announce our plans by the end of this month. We hope that members throughout Scotland will be energised to
participate in lots of fun events throughout the country.

New CEO Appointed

I’m delighted to announce the appointment of Martyn Halsall as SBU’s CEO with effect from 1 April. He will have overall
responsibility for SBU’s operational activities and to help ensure that the organisation’s goals and values are met.
Martin lives in Elgin and will report directly to the Board of Trustees.

Tournament Trophies

SBU has received donations of around 50 trophies over the last 90 years. These are not on display and have rarely
been awarded in person to winners for many years. The Board has decided to sell most of the trophies because storage,
insurance, and distribution logistics make it impractical to retain them. To retain the important legacy, we have
photographed each of the trophies to ensure a permanent record is kept on our website. The sale proceeds will be
used to purchase glassware to present as a permanent memento to winners of our main traditional tournaments.
If any member is interested in purchasing any of the trophies that they have previously won, please get in touch.

Vote of thanks to Bill Whyte

Although we are grateful to every volunteer that supports SBU efforts, a very special mention must go to Bill Whyte
who has finally given up his work after more than 15 years of continuous service. Bill will be known to many of you as
head of Member Services and became synonymous with all things Mempad. His dedication to SBU was second to
none, and we wish Bill and his wife a long and happy retirement in France where they now reside.

New Trustees Required

With the expected resignation of trustees at the next AGM, we are looking for replacements. No specific skills are
required, but simply an interest in helping steer the future of bridge in Scotland. If you are somebody who feels you
would like to give something back to the game but uncertain how you can help, please get in touch for a chat in the
strictest confidence.


Finally, I must apologise to any prize winner of a national tournament who is waiting to receive their prizemoney.
Unfortunately, due to pressure of work, a backlog has been created which is now being addressed as a matter of

Alan Goodman (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)
February 2024