Entries for the trials for the 3 Home International events are now being taken.  The General Conditions of Contest are attached here: SBU_Trials_GCoC_202223_.pdf  Supplementary CoC for each event will be posted once the format for each trial is confirmed.

Camrose (National League Teams)

Entries are invited from teams of 4 for the National League 2022.  This will consist of 3 weekends.  The first 2 weekends (Sept 10 & 11 and Oct 22 & 23) will be held online on Realbridge and will consist of one or two Round Robins with all teams playing each other - depending on numbers of entries, it may be necessary to also use the Friday evenings. 

The top 8 teams will qualify for the 3rd weekend (Nov 11,12 & 13) which will hopefully be held F2F.  These 8 teams will play each other with a proportional carry forward from the results of the matches over the first two weekends against the other 7 teams.  A consolation event will also be held for the remaining teams which may be online.

If the main 4 are not available for one of the first two weekends, the Committee will allow a substitute player in exceptional circumstances and if the person does not strengthen the team.  Such requests should be referred to the Committee for a decision.  The main 4 must each play 50% of the available boards to be eligible to play in the 3rd weekend.

Entries require to be made to me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. by August 28th 2022 in order that the format can be finalised and the SCoC issued.  Entries will be acknowledged and listed below.

  • Harry Smith & Roy Bennett, Liam O'Brien & Ronan Valentine
  • Sandy Duncan & Bob McPaul, Robert Ferrari & Mike Ash (Frazer Morgan Oct 22nd)
  • Brian Short & Alan Goodman, Sam Punch & Stephen Peterkin
  • Robert Clow & Troy van de l'Isle, David Wiseman & Mike McGinley
  • Derek Sanders & Gints Fremanis, Paul Barton (Adam Dickinson Sept 10th) & Jun Nakamaru-Pinder
  • Jim McMenemy & Paul Maiolani, Mark Menzies & Tam Penman
  • Callum McKail & Martin Bateman, Liz McGowan & Tim McKay


Lady Milne

As Scotland is hosting the Lady Milne in April 2023, we shall require 2 teams of 3 pairs each.  In recent years we have struggled to get sufficient pairs or teams to run a meaningful trial.  It is our intention to hold a Pairs trial the weekend of Dec 2, 3 & 4 (hopefully F2F) if we have at least 10 pairs entered.  If fewer pairs enter, the Committee will re-consider the best way forward which may or may not involve holding some sort of trial.  In order to know how many interested pairs we have, you are asked to submit your entry (as above for the National League) by August 31st 2022.  All entries will be acknowledged and posted below.

  • Anne Symons & Sam Punch
  • Marina Evans & Sarah Gunn
  • Jackie Nicol & Angie Ford
  • Fiona Greenwood & Julia Palmer 
  • Athena Chow & Gosia Rozman
  • Eilidh Rennie & Joan Forsyth
  • Joan Lees & Susan Aitchison
  • Abi Milne & Sheila Adamson
  • Laura Middleton & Ying Piper


Senior Camrose

The Senior Camrose trial will be for teams of 4 and will be held F2F if possible over the weekend of Jan 13, 14 & 15 2023.  To be eligible to participate you must be aged 63 by Jan 2022.  Entries from teams of 4 are required by November 20th 2022.  The format will be a single or double Round Robin - the exact format dependent on numbers.  All entries will be acknowledged and posted below.

  • Harry Smith & Roy Bennett, Mike Ash & Robert Ferrari
  • Brian Short & Alan Goodman, Bob McPaul & Sandy Duncan
  • Bob McKinnon & Cathy Ferguson, Finlay Marshall & Patrck Home