The home of Scottish Bridge

Just for fun.  In the event that two players have the same number of trophies, the older registered player is ranked above the other.  To overtake another player you need to exceed their total.  This reflects the fact that they (probably) got to the mark first, and also goes a little way to compensate for the fact that "newer" players have a lot more tournaments to play in compared to the earliest tournament players.


PlayerTotal Wins
1Liz McGowan94
2Brian Short83
3John Matheson78
4Sandy Duncan72
5David Liggat70
6John MacLaren67
7Les Steel63
8David Walker60
9Roy Bennett56
10John Murdoch52
11Iain Sime52
12Ken Baxter48
13Vi Outred47
14Sam Punch47
15Victor Goldberg43
16Charles Outred42
17David Frew41
18Sheila Macdonald39
19Malcolm Cuthbertson38
20Derek Sanders37
21Jack Paterson36
22Douglas Piper36
23Tom Culbertson35
24Alex Adamson33
25Fiona McQuaker33
26Finlay Marshall31
27Alan Goodman31
28Ian Morrison30
29Bill Innes29
30Willie Coyle29
31Anne Symons29
32Barnet Shenkin27
33Stephen Peterkin26
34Ian Howie25
35James McGeorge25
36Maida Grant24
37Harry Smith24
38Hugh Kelsey23
39Mike McGinley23
40Brian Spears23
41Albert Benjamin22
42Jim Hay22
43Mike Ash22
44Sam Leckie21
45Bill Mitchell21
46Veronica Guy21
47Jimmy Allan20
48Sam Malkani20
49Victor Silverstone19
50Jim McMenemy19
51Catherine Gerrard19
52Ian Crorie19
53Bob McPaul19
54Patrick Home19
55Jimmie Arthur18
56Moore McVeigh18
57John McMonagle18
58Derek Diamond18
59Sheila Adamson18
60Isobel Davidson17
61Andrew McIntosh17
62Margaret Porteous16
63Jean Macnair16
64Muriel Robertson16
65Derrick Peden16
66Danny Kane16
67George Plant16
68Clive Owen15
69Louis Mitchell15
70Donald Denoon15
71Nigel Guthrie15
72Gordon Wellington14
73Morag Malcolm14
74George Cuthbertson14
75Archie Winetrobe13
76Judy Benjamin13
77Harry Barnett13
78David Weir13
79Joyce Benson13
80Jim Power13
81Bridie Power13
82Dee Harley13
83Sol Barnett12
84Ian Hunter12
85Jill Arthur12
86Ross Woodburn12
87Gerald Haase12
88Barbara Kay12
89Eileen Caldwell12
90John Dick12
91Tim McKay12
92James Forbes12
93Paul Maiolani12
94Bob McKinnon12
95Sandra Penfold11
96John Stevenson11
97Bob Hunter11
98Richard Jarvis11
99John di Mambro11
100Helen Kane11