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Adding photos

This page will explain how to add a photo to your page.  Once in the editor window, look for the "image" icon on the editing toolbar:

image icon

This will give you access to the Image Manager as shown (see a full size version)

Illustration of Image Manager

Key point!  Don't be messy!

We rely strongly on images (and other documents) being rigorously stored in their appropriate subfolders.  Please navigate to your content folder before uploading any new images.  For example, a "News" picture must be stored somewhere below the "news" subfolder. 

The folder layout matches the top level navigation system of the website, and if it is altered it will cause major problems.  While we can guide you automatically towards the right "category" for posting in, we are unable to do so for images.

OK let's go

First step - navigate to your folder (see above!)

If you have already stored photos there, you will see them in the list.  If not, you need to upload one.

Select the "Upload" tab, highlighted in yellow in the screenshot.  A new popup window will appear and you may either drag & drop a photo where it suggests or select the "Browse" button.  Either way, you will be adding the photo to the upload queue, and you should see that within the window.

Be smart!

Note that at this stage you can resize your image (look for the "cropping" icon at the right hand side, or type into the boxes at the top).  For normal web use, a maximum image size of 600 to 800 pixels wide (the first box) is fine.  Even on the biggest screen anyone will be using, 1600 pixels will fill it completely.  So if you are uploading a photo from a modern smartphone it may well be 2000/3000/4000 pixels wide!  This is TOO BIG.  So at this stage please limit your new photo to typically 600 or 800 pixels wide.


Load it up

Then you can hit "Upload".  Your new file should now be listed in the main files pane, and to add it you need to firstly select it from the list.  You should see a thumbnail in the preview window (see a full size version).

That's basically it, but note that you can give your photo a sensible description under "Alternate Text", and this will be displayed or read out if the viewer has switched off images, or is unable to see them.  We recommend that you should do this as a matter of habit.

Illustration of adding an image

Image not ideal?

You have a few more opportunites - the little icons to the right of the preview window will allow you to rename the photo file or do basic editing on it - you can resize it here and also crop or rotate it.  You even get some basic filters and brightness/colour controls should your original be less than great.

Once you've checked all that out, hit "Insert" and your photo will be placed into your article.

Changing your image

Should you want to edit it further, or replace it with a different photo, first select your photo (click once) then select the "image" icon again.  It will take you back to the image manager as before and you can go ahead and make your desired changes.

Final notes

We try to use a sensible automated margin around images, but you can alter the margin (white space) around your photo in the image manager screen, same place you get the alternate text.

Using the file manager

If you ignored the instruction to navigate to your own content area earlier, your photo might be in the wrong place!  You can't drag & drop here but you can cut then paste into the correct folder should you need to.  You don't pass GO or collect £200 though