With the advent of the COVID-19 pandemic, after a complete interruption to SBU competitions our tournaments moved online.  The National League expanded and moved on to BBO, becoming the Scottish Online League.  After a couple of settling in runs, it is now a rolling format with each iteration lasting approximately 2 months before starting afresh.  SOL 7 begins on May 9th 2022.

Division 1

SOL 5: Barnet Shenkin, Steve Levinson, Victor Silverstone, Derek Diamond, Brian Spears
SOL 4: Alex Gipson, Paul Gipson, Sam Punch, Stephen Peterkin
SOL 3: Barnet Shenkin, Steve Levinson, Victor Silverstone, Derek Diamond

Division 2

SOL 5: Charles Outred, Vi Outred, David Gerrard, Catherine Gerrard
SOL 4: Derrick Peden, Jim Hay, Sandy Duncan, Bob McPaul
SOL 3: David Stevenson, Liz Commins, Paddy Murphy, Mark Roderick

Division 3

SOL 5: Mike Hodder, Graham Johnson, Eddie McGeough, Pauline Phillips, Margaret Hodder
SOL 4: Kay Robertson, Adrian Eastwood, Andy Clarkson, Graham Clarkson, Heather Stevenson
SOL 3: Ian Hamilton, Howard Kent, John Ferguson, Sam Hall, Robin Burns, Willie Hamilton

Division 4

SOL 5: John Scrimgeour, Joe Duxbury, Jim Brown, Isobel Brown, Steve Findlay, Loraine Findlay
SOL 4: Harold Curran, Anne Fitzpatrick, Fergal O'Shea, Michael Coffey
SOL 3: Jim Forsyth, Jim McMahon, Nigel Guthrie, Mike Ribbins, Jim Chapman, Susan Aitchison

Division 5

SOL 5: Findlay Macdonald, Fiona Abbott, Thomson Kerr, Janice Thomson, Donnie Graham, Ann Graham
SOL 4: John McIntyre, Robert Dickson, Nicol Taylor, Duncan Rodger
SOL 3: Dan O'Farrell, Judi Lawson, Maxine Julius, Gilly Cardiff, Ted Booth

Division 6

SOL 5: Gerry Sweeney, Ken Blake, Alistair Ross, Douglas Buchanan, Alan Scott
SOL 4: Lesley Annand, Angie McCalman, Ian Thomson, David Nisbet
SOL 3: Findlay Macdonald, Fiona Abbott, Thomson Kerr, Janice Thomson, Donnie Graham, Ann Graham

Division 7

SOL 5: Norman Lazonby, Alistair White, Alan Reid, John Skillen, Gillian Kirkwood
SOL 4: Marina Evans, Sarah Gunn, Eilidh Rennie, Robert Waugh, Keith Youngs
SOL 3: Daniel Corbett, Richard Simcox, Lorna Hunter, Martin Hunter

Division 8

SOL 5: Isla Thom, Aileen Stone, Sheena Dunn, Phemie Cameron, Duncan Ross
SOL 3: Geoffrey Bailey, Rose Simpson, June Morrison, Yves Haik


SOL 5: October to December 2021
SOL 4: August to October 2021
SOL 3: March to May 2021
SOL 2: January to March 2021
SOL 1: November to December 2020

The first and second versions were used to assign sensible rankings for subsequent iterations.