The Scottish Bridge Union (SBU) organises tournaments at District, National and International level.  These events are open for players of all ages and abilities - and there will be at least one for you!  
Our one page  Tournament Planner Wallchart shows the dates of all National Tournaments — there are tournaments for Pairs, Teams and Individuals.  
Some tournaments are for all players but there are also events for specific ability levels 
  • players taking classes
  • players who have started playing in clubs who would like to try playing in a tournament
  • players who have some experience and have already played in tournaments
  • experienced players who would like to test themselves further
  • expert and International players      
Because it is great fun! 
  • Play in a pairs event with your favourite partner and see how you do against all the other pairs - you will be playing the same cards.
  • Join up with another pair that you know and try a teams event
  • Everyone is friendly and there are prizes, trophies and masterpoints to be won by those doing well
In normal times, tournaments are held at venues all over Scotland but currently all the SBU events are being held online.