Recent Winners

Congratulations to all those doing well in the Scottish Swiss Pairs

1st         Liz McGowan and Gints Freimanis

2nd        Harry Smith and Roy Bennett

3rd=      Bob McPaul and Sandy Duncan

3rd=      Peter Thommeny and Jack Shearer

Silver     Andy Baruch and Susan Dunnett

Bronze  Paul Thomson and Anne Lee

Winners of SOL6  :  David Stevenson, Liz Commins, Paddy Murphy, Mark Roderick, Dee Lindon and Peter Lindon

Divison 2 winners :  Liz McGowan, Fiona McQuaker, Abi Milne, Sheila Adamson, and Anne Symons

Division 3 winners : Peter Cairns, Jim McLaughlin, Les Verth, Shirish Chotai, Alex Cram and Raymond Levitus

Divison 4 winners : Alan Livingstone, Myra Livingstone,  John Larkin, Rob Boulton Jones

Division 5 winners : Ron Hounsell, Laurence Archer, Susan Aitchison, Joan Lees, and Tony Nolan

Division 6 winners : Daniel Corbett, Richard Simcox, Martin Hunter, Lorna Hunter, Anne Robson, and Bill Crighton

Division 7 winners : Sheila Templeton, Stephen Cole, Rani Sinnak, Morag Ridley, and John Matthewman

Division 8 winners : Vince Elliott, Kath Russell, Robert Sim, Tom Aitchison, Linda Watson and Hamish Watson 

SOL6 Winners

Results from the SBU National Congress held at Peebles in March 2022

Congratulations to the following who did well in the Women's Teams  

1st and winners of The Bulletin Cup : Sam Punch, Anne Symons, Paula Leslie, and Nicola Smith  

2nd and winners of the Beatrice Craig Trophy : Joan Forsyth, Eilidh Rennie, Marina Evans and Sarah Gunn    

Silver : Grace Walker, Anne Macleod, Kathleen Craig and Sheena Hamilton   

Bronze : Pat Millar, Norma Kerr, Sandra Renton and Anne Murdoch.   

Congratulations to them all.  Full results can be found on the Results tab above.

Congratulations to the following who did well in the Men's Teams  

1st and winners of the Benny Dexter Trophy : Alex Adamson, Glen Falconer, Derek Sanders and Gints Freimanis   

2nd : Angus Macdonald, John Hamilton, John Dick and Kevin Strathern   

Silver : David Nisbet, Ian Thomson, Tom Robertson and Joe Duxbury.

There were no bronze ranked teams playing.   

Congratulations to them all.  Full results can be found on the Results tab above.

Congratulations to the following pairs who did well in the Women's Pairs

1st and winners of the Cyril Breene Trophy : Joan Lees and Susan Aitchison   

2nd : Gosia Rozman and Karen Bartlett  Silver : Moyra Forrest and Maureen McMillan  

Bronze : Jane Guthrie and Joan Cargill.   

Congratulations to them all.  Full results can be found on the Results tab above.

Congratulations to the following pairs who did well in Men's  Pairs. 

Men's Pairs  1st and winners of the Buchanan Cup: Angus Macdonald and Ian Hamilton   

2nd : Tam Penman and Mark Menzies   

Silver : David Pollard and Jack Suchodolski 

Bronze : Paul Thomson and Cornelius Meehan.   

Congratulations to them all. Full results can be found on the Results tab above.

Congratulations are due to the Silverstone team who won SOL5 – Victor Silverstone, Derek Diamond, Barnet Shenkin, Steve Levinson and Brian Spears.  We were very sad to report the passing of Victor Silverstone last month and as a result his team have donated their prize money to purchase a trophy for the winners of Division 1 of each SOL iteration in his memory. 

Kennedy  for Novices and Club Masters : Jacky Lindsay and Karyn Slatter    
Johnston  for Local and District Masters : Gerald Smith and Barbara Humphries    
Jesner  for Masters and Senior Masters : Shuan Ni and Robert Hickling    
Fairlie  for Regional, Scottish and National Masters : Andrew Harborow and Tom Bagnall    
Bowman  for Life and Senior Life Masters : Martin Damond and Troy Van de l'Isle    
Arthur for Grand Masters : Cathy Ferguson and Bob McKinnon      


We had 141 pairs playing in all competitons -  over 50% more than last year's entry.  Thanks for the patience of those who had problems joining.  We will be prepared for you next year if it is still run online. 


The 2019-20 Scottish Cup Plate Final was played on BBO on bonfire night, but there were few fireworks.

DURNING (Bill Durning, Ian McClure, Duncan Rodger, Ian Brookes ) were on top form, whereas runners-up STRATHERN (Kevin Strathern, David Ritchie, Stuart Thomson and Nicol Taylor were having a bad day.  STRATHERN concede after 36 boards when the margin reached three figures.

Congratulations the winners, and to both teams on getting the match played.

Congratulations to the following :  Winners :  Helen Noble and Stewart Green   Runners Up : Elizabeth and Jim Morris  B1: Michael Kennedy and Kevin Ren   B2: Norma Fingland and Alan Morrison  B3: Ruth Scullion and Christine Baillie  B4: Jane and Andrew Carnegie   They will all find some extra BBO$ in their accounts!

The 2020 Scottish Cup Final was postponed because of the pandemic. It was finally played on Sunday 31 October, face-to-face in the New Melville BC, with coverage on BBO VuGraph.

A very tight 64-board match (all square after Board 62) was won by Brian SHORT, Alan GOODMAN, Les STEEL and Dave WALKER by 13 imps.

Commiserations to the Runners-up Mike ASH, Miro DRAGIC, Malcolm CUTHBERTSON and Douglas PIPER.

The Diamond Senior Pairs Winners were Bill Ross and Ray Gallacher.

Runners Up : Cameron McLatchie and David Shenkin, Siver: Roland Bradbury and Anne Murdoch, Bronze : John Bielski and Betty Bielska

Lord Thomson Sims Overall winners: Alan French & Colin Edney with a huge 72.82% at Berwick on Tuesday. Other heat winners: Bill Ross &amp Stuart Dagger (Monday, Aberdeen), Dave France & Bob Brown (Wednesday, GBC), Vanessa Wilson & Christine Anthony (Thursday, Kelso)

Congratulations to Alex Adamson, Derek Sanders, Gints Freimanis and Martin Bateman who won the Edwin Berry.

Harry Smith, Roy Bennett, Roman Velentine and Liam O'Brien were second.

Angus Macdonald, J P Hamilton, Peter Moss and Ying Piper were third.

Silver Prize : David King, Tadeusz Janowski, Kevin McCullough, Linda Roy

Bronze Prize : Janet Unsworth, Fiona Davies, Tom Kelsey and Hamish Wallace

Full Results in the SBU Bridgewebs site.

I am please to announce the winners of each of the Divisions in the SBU Bronze League 5 are as follows: