Ying Piper Captain 10452   First Round Second Round Final
Nigel Guthrie 1842     First Team  
George Plant 10009     Through Becomes  
Jim Forsyth 10901     The Home Team  
Jim McMahon 12353        
Contact Ying at          
      Winner becomes Home Team    
      YING PIPER    
John Di Mambro Captain 6845        
Roland Gaffin 10683        
David Weir 1357        
Douglas Mitchell 3004        
Contact John at       McGinley  
Mike McGinley Captain 3101        
Steve Male 11061        
Danny Kane 4573 BYE Mike McGinley    
Helen Kane 7598        
Contact Mike at          
           Harry Smith
Peter Hodgson Captain 8877        
Willie Nelson 7873        
Bobby Moore 4824 BYE Peter Hodgson    
John Burn 5005   Sub Norman McGeogh    
Contact Peter at          
Harry Smith Captain 4070     Harry Smith  
Adrian Orlowski 12490        
Finlay Marshall 1989        
Alex Adamson 6339        
Bob McPaul 6210        
Contact Harry at          
      Winner Becomes Home Team    
      Harry Smith    
Bob McKinnon Captain 7058   Sub Tony Wilkinson    
Paul Maiolani 6698        
Ian Patrick 7038        
Cathy Fergusson 11863        
Maida Grant 3947        
Sheila McDonald 3776        
Contact Bob at          
Ying and Harry are the Home Team for the first Round : Peter and Mike have a bye Sorry Folks
First Team through becomes Home Team : All rounds must be finished by the end of August
Keep me informed on results Any problems please get in touch Best of Luck Stewart (Convener)


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