I again have to apologise for the problems in this event, which started when the computer was put to sleep when the ladies broke for lunch and after lunch did not wake up. The effect of this was the swiss pairs went on manual scoring but the allocation of pairs became difficult as no total record of who played whom was available and some repeat matches were made plus other mismatches between dissimilar ranked pairs. A round was cancelled due to 80 minutes spent in trying to start up the computer. I also understand some manual scores were incorrect and the final order of results was incorrect though since corrected.

The delay in this apology was been caused by different reports and only on Monday did I learn from Highland the full story of the weekend.

The results were published on Highland but not on the SBU site due to errors in communication.

It has been decided prize winners will still get their prizes and a refund of entry fees will be made.

There was a minor glitch in the women’s teams for which we apologise caused by 4 wrong boards in one set and with adjusted scores to allow for this we feel that unlikely to have any serious impact.

No one can say we are not an equal opportunities organisation.