Congratulations to Iain Sime, John Matheson, Patrick Home and John Murdoch, winners of the 2017 Edwin Berry competition at the Carlton BC in Edinburgh on 1st October. [Amended results]

Full results (amended as per note)

The winners scored 118 VPs, 9 ahead of runners up David Shenkin, Alistair Gordon, George Plant & Peter Moss.  Third were Troy van de l'Isle, Robert Clow, Keith Youngs & Tim McKay (104).

The Silver prize was won by Bron McWhinney, Dilys Gellatly, Jim Wilkinson & Jim McDowall.

Because of the problems in scoring the triple, there were some “mismatches” in the assignments in Rounds 3,4,5 & 6. Adjustments have been made according to rules in the SBU Competition Handbook (para 2.20). The computer matches teams with a similar score. A “mismatch” happens when one of the teams has an incorrect score and their score when corrected is more than 5 VPs more or less than the team they were playing. The final scores after adjustments are shown on the SBU website. The scores on the Carlton website have not been adjusted.


Troy & Robert (2nd) David & Alistair (3rd) Roy & Harry (4th) Liam & Ronan (5th, Bronze)