Congratulations to Iain Sime and John Murdoch, winners of the 2017 Stirling Pairs competition at the New Melville in Edinburgh on 23rd September.  

Full Stirling Pairs results are at the Melville site.

Iain and John hit 65.73%, and were followed in the top five by Robert Clow & Troy van de l'Isle (61.70%), Alistair Gordon & David Shenkin (57.55%), Harry Smith & Roy Bennett (57.53%) and bronze winners Ronan Valentine & Liam O'Brien (57.28%).  The silver prize went to Alex Russell and Anne Coles (53.77%).


Troy & Robert (2nd) David & Alistair (3rd) Roy & Harry (4th) Liam & Ronan (5th, Bronze) Alex & Anne (Silver)