The Winter Fours has been won by Mike Ash, Chris Chambers, Paul Gipson, Alex Gipson. 

Runners Up were Sandy Duncan, Jim Hay, Jun Nakamaru-Pinder and Paul Barton.

The Subsidiary Final was won by Les Steel, John Matheson, Alan Goodman and Brian Short.

Subsidiary Final Runners Up were Sam Punch, Stephen Peterkin, Derek Sanders and Tim Rees.


Mike Ash, Chris Chambers, Paul Gipson, Alex Gipson


Sandy Duncan, Jim Hay, Jun Nakamaru-Pinder, Paul Barton


Chris Cooper, Ed Jones, Andrew Murphy, Frazer Morgan

Subsidiary Final

1st:    Les Steel, John Matheson, Alan Goodman, Brian Short
2nd:   Sam Punch, Stephen Peterkin, Derek Sanders, Tim Rees
3rd=:  Charles & Vi Outred, Brian Senior, Clive Owen
3rd=:  David Stevenson, Liz Commins, Tracy Capal, David Sherman

Meantime, the Winter Swiss Teams was won by Duncan Rodger, Ian Brookes, Suresh Tyagi and Bill Durning - full results for this event are here.