MEMPAD is the SBU Membership and Master Point Admin Database.

It contains individual details of your points won and ranking promotions, as well as contact information allowing you to contact others, and others to contact you. We are a social organisation, ease of communication is important for the well-being and smooth running of the organisation.  It is a different site from the SBU website, but you can visit it via the big blue mempad button you cannot miss. Or bookmark www.mempad.co.uk on your own browser.
It is password protected whereas this SBU website is mostly open to all.  If you have problems trying to log into MEMPAD, or grapple with ID, User Names, or passwords, then read on. We receive about ten queries a week associated with log-ins, passwords, and inaccurate or missing email addresses.

You need to know your SBU number (which is your user name for MEMPAD) - if you have forgotten it you should be able to get it from the master list of registered players.

You also need a password.  If you have forgotten that, please consult Guidance for a New Password

We need to know your email address so we can get in touch with you, but it is not used to log in with.  Please make sure your email address is correctly recorded on MEMPAD.