The MP Policy Committee, in agreement with the Tournament Comittee, has agreed to modify the rules regarding the opportunities that Districts have to run red-pointed events. These changes will help all Districts to offer red-pointed events at suitable dates in their calendar, starting immediately in the 2016-17 season.

These new rules totally replace those previously announced.

District Events eligible for the awarding of National (red) Master Points

Districts are herewith entitled to award National Points (aka red points) for the 2016-17 season, and until further notice, in the following circumstances. 

Single Events

Each District has the opportunity to run one event per year: conditions to be met are as follows …

a) The event is not to conflict with an SBU Congress or other important SBU National Event.
The previous restriction that this event had to coincide with the Main Trial weekend or the National League weekends is now withdrawn.

b)    An MP License is to be requested, specifying the date, prior to the event being publicised, from the regular ‘Congress Points’ contact.

c)    Payment is subsequently to be made on the basis of £10 fixed charge and £1 per table or half-table.

If numbers on the day are insufficient to run a Swiss teams or pairs event, then the event cannot take place.

Awards Scale for Single Event District red-pointed Swiss events


District Red Swiss Events


Bonus Points


         Points per match won

(matches drawn have the points for a win split 50/50)




Bonus Points are awarded to the top 1/4 of the field, with the winners receiving TOE x 12 (maximum award is 600pts).

15 red points are awarded per win for 5 board matches

18 red points are awarded per win for 6 board matches

21 red points are awarded per win for 7 board matches

24 red points are awarded per win for 8 board matches


NB. A minimum of 5 boards must be played in each match
The number of matches played should be no greater than one third of the total number of teams entered. If required, MP can be awarded based upon Danish Awards; e.g. a team may win against the same team more than once.


Each District has the opportunity to run one red-pointed congress per year.

This congress can take one of the following forms:

  • A weekend congress where both Pairs and Teams events have qualifying rounds. 
    The finals are red-pointed; qualifying rounds and consolation events are black-pointed.
  • A Swiss “congress” where there is both a Pairs and a Teams event.  These are usually held as weekend events, but it is possible to hold events on consecutive weekends.


 Conditions are as follows …

a)    An MP License is to be requested, in good time, from Congress Points:

b)    Payment is due after the event, i.e. £10 fixed charge and £1 per table.

The higher per table charge applies only for red-pointed sessions, if black then it is £0.80.

General Information applying to all District events and all non-SBU congresses

Please note that all MPs are now calculated centrally and credited directly to players’ MEMPAD accounts.  Full details of data requirements are sent to the organiser upon each receipt of a license application.  Charges of either £1.00 or £0.80 apply equally to full or half-tables.

This information replaces the equivalent information on page 24/25 of the Sept 2013 MP Handbook.
W L Whyte
Member Services