We will publish a list of all current SBU members showing their up-to-date rank three times a year.

See here for the latest .......  


The files are published at the beginning of September, January and  April. In this way players in the ranked competitions know their current rankings.

This latest published listing will be the reference for a player's qualification for ranked events from then on until such time as a new list is published.
The first listing in a season will be as the beginning of Sept, and subsequent issues will be valid from the beginning of January and April.

These are large documents, so to search quickly for your or someone else's name ...

rather than go through it screen-by-screen, use a fast but little-known PDF search facility.

Whilst holding down the CTRL key, enter 'f' (as a memory aid F = 'FIND' ).
This give you a small search field box, usually appearing top right on your screen.  
You just type in the MP number or name you are searching for .... and bingo!

The PDF files can also be viewed in the sister folder to this one, namely "MP Documents".

William WHYTE
Jan 2019