Dear all Club Secretaries, District Officials, and above all players and competition organisers:-

At the commencement of the 2016-17 playing and membership season (1st September) the SBU is introducing a new rank into the MP ranking structure.

The rank of Regional Master (165) will recognise the endeavours of experienced Bronze players who are half-way to the Scottish Master rank; those who have gained an overall total of 100.00 MP, and within that have at least 25.00 National (red) points.  The Regional Master rank is classified as SILVER, thus opening up the possibility of these players now being able to play in higher ranked competitions.

All existing qualifiers for this rank will receive their “promotion email” (where their email address is recorded on MEMPAD) by Sept 1st.

Also by Sept 1st we will divide the Bronze category into four categoriess (previously three), so that bronze prizes can be better tailored to the mix of players in any particular event.

In general terms, entry to ranked events and ranking category prizes will be based upon a three-monthly ‘snapshot’ taken on 1st Sept, and thereafter on 1stDec, 1st Mar, and 1st June of each year.

A listing will be published and available on the SBU website and MEMPAD shortly after each three-monthly anniversary date.

The SBU Council believes these measures will make the ranking system more responsive to the needs of the majority of our members who are bronze players.

However this would not have been possible without the investment in I/T which we have made in the last three years. Club secretaries are encouraged to remind their members to keep their contact details up-to-date on MEMPAD, especially email addresses, so that we can provide accurate and timely information to members, clubs and officials.

An anlysis of the breakdown of ranks within the total SBU active population is shown on MEMPAD.
Once logged-in to MEMPAD got to the MEMBER DATA menu; then SBU Information; then SBU Ranking Hierarchy.

SBU Member Services
August 2016