As Member Services reorganises its various responsibilities following the departure of Janet Rixon and Steve Bailey, we are looking for bridge players willing to devote some limited time to help.


We have lots of desires, some ideas, and only limited funds, but like every organisation these days, we need to connect with the general public as well as our own 'converted'. Member Services is looking for help from those with suitable background experience and capability who can take our ideas and then make sure the best and most effective get the money and push they deserve. Membership of the SBU is currently stable but we need to work harder to prevent any future downturn.

Media, advertising and promotional/PR experience would be very useful background.


We need to spread out knowledge of our Master Points scheme and its rules, and develop more automated and efficient ways of getting accurate point awards into our MEMPAD system.  We also need to share out the MP processing/administration so as to be better prepared for personnel change, and also to ensure a depth of resource we can call on. Numeracy and computer literacy are the fundamental strengths we are looking for, plus good administrative skills.    


For these vacancies, geographical location inside Scotland is not a significant factor, but might have some bearing. However we are flexible, both in terms of the time that could be needed, as well as how we define the roles. That way we can suit candidate’s preferences/availability/location.

Last but not least, volunteers need a good knowledge of how bridge is played, what bridge players are like, and what they want – that way volunteers can have the satisfaction of shaping the future of Scottish bridge!

Bill Whyte

Member Services

last update 15/1/2016