About SBU Membership (2020-21 and 2021-2022)

Membership of the SBU is open to all bridge players, aged 12 years or more on 1st September of their first year of membership. 
Usually, a player will subscribe through an affiliated club in Scotland by nominating that club as their primary club, i.e. their home club.  
Members can join more than one affiliated club, but must name one specific club as their home club, and pay their SBU fee via that same club.

  • The SBU membership year is from the 1st of September to the 31st of August, irrespective of any club membership year (which are often different).
    Members are entitled to attend/vote at SBU General Meetings - the AGM is usually held in May each year.  
  • Junior members are members who on 1st January in the current season have not reached the age of 25. They are eligible for a 50% reduction in the annual SBU membership fee, plus SBU, District and club competition entry fees, and playing fees for trial events during the whole season, irrespective of whether these playing fees are levied by the SBU, District or affiliated clubs. Where there are supplementary charges, for meals or accommodation, for example, these are not generally discounted since they are usually provided at cost value.
  • SBU Membership is also available on a “DIRECT” basis, via payment directly to the SBU (see below). 
    All current paid-up members of the SBU, including Direct members, can subscribe to the quarterly magazine named the “Scottish Bridge News” (SBN), see details below.
  • In the period 1st April to the 31st August, a membership payment for the then-current year is not requested from those joining the SBU for the first time. This also applies to a past-member who is returning after a long absence. This means that the player will not be expected to make a payment until the new season starts. However, they will still need to apply as normal and provide personal details so that they can be registered and provided with an SBU number.
  • For annual subscription fees, see below.
  • Any membership queries or requests please contact

How to Join the SBU as a DIRECT MEMBER

Send an email to
Please give your title (Mr/Mrs etc), name, postal address, gender, email address, a telephone number (preferably a mobile), your other home Union name (EBU/WBU/NIBU/CBAI) and number if you have one, and finally BBO user name if you wish to participate in SBO online events. 

It is as easy as that!

Please note that DIRECT membership is intended for players whose circumstances make club membership unsuitable since we want to encourage club membership as much as we can.

We are primarily a club-based organisation.

The following circumstances would justify DIRECT membership.

Scottish residents who have not yet decided which club to join and need membership in the interim.
Scottish residents who find it unsuitable to join an affiliated club.
Scots who live outside Scotland anywhere.
British Isles residents who are members of other UK and Ireland Bridge Unions and who wish to play in Scottish competitions where SBU membership is a requirement.
Non-Scots living outside the British Isles having a close relationship with Scotland or Scottish people.
We are reasonably flexible, most Europeans will have distant Scottish ascendant since the Scots have tended to travel widely!

Annual Subscription Fees

Annual subscription fees differ according to membership type.

For the membership year/season of 1st September 2020 to 31st August 2021,

and similarly, in square brackets for 2021-2022, the annual fees are:

  • £10.00 [£8.00] for ordinary (adult) members: payment due 30th November 2020 [2021] via the home affiliated club.
  • £5.00 [£4.00] for juniors: payment due 30th November 2020 [2021] via the home affiliated club.
  • £13.00 [£13] for direct members: payment due 30th October 2020 [2021] direct to the SBU.
  • Membership fees are normally decided at the May AGM for the season after the next one; effectively 15 months in advance.
  • For payments please see below (Bank transfers preferred but only with adequate references such as SBU number).

Get the SBN Magazine

The SBN magazine is available to all SBU club members for an additional annual fee of £12 when paid in cheque form, and reduced to £10 when paid via a Standing Order or a bank transfer.

Farquharson Trophy

Magazine subscribers plus Direct members are entitled to play for the Farquharson Trophy.  SBU members living at the same address as a subscriber or direct member may also play.


All correspondence to Scott MacDonald

SBU bank a/c details            Bank of Scotland

               80-06-83                00942229
Cheques to be written to  “
Scottish Bridge Union” in full.


W L Whyte
Member Services Committee
19th March 2021