About SBU Membership

Membership of the SBU is open to all bridge players, aged 12 years or more on 1st September of their first year of membership.  Normally a player will subscribe through an affiliated club in Scotland, nominating that club as their primary club, i.e. their home club.  Members can join more than one affiliated club, but must name one club as their home club, and pay their SBU fee via that same club.

  • The SBU membership year is from the 1st September to 31st August, irrespective of any club membership year (which is often different).
    Members are entitled to attend/vote at SBU General Meetings - the AGM is held in May.  
  • Junior members are members who on 1st January in the current season have not reached the age of 25. They are eligible for a 50% reduction in the annual SBU membership fee, plus SBU, District and club competition entry fees, and playing fees for trial events during the whole season, irrespective whether these playing fees are levied by the SBU, District or affiliated clubs. Where there are supplementary charges, for meals or accommodation for example, these are not generally discounted since they are often provided at cost.
  • SBU Membership is also available on a “DIRECT” basis, via payment directly to the SBU. 
    Direct members automatically receive the quarterly magazine called the “Scottish Bridge News” (SBN).

How to Join

Send an email to giving your name, address, and a telephone number, it is as easy as that.

Annual subscription fees differ according to membership type.

For the year of 1/9/2018 to 31/8/2019, fees are:

  • £9.00 for ordinary (adult) members: payment due 30th November via the home affiliated club.
  • £4.50 for juniors: payment due 30th November via the home affiliated club.
  • £20.00 for direct members: payment due 1st October direct to the SBU.

NB. For next season (Sep 2019 - Aug 2020) the adult membership fee will increase to £10, and then will rest unchanged for a number of years. 

Get the SBN Magazine

The SBN magazine is available to all SBU club members for an additional annual fee of £12 when paid in cheque form, and reduced to £10 when paid for via a Standing Order or a bank transfer.

Farquharson Trophy

Magazine subscribers plus Direct members are entitled to play for the Farquharson Trophy.  SBU members living at the same address of a subscriber or direct member may also play.

Handbook of the Master Points Scheme (HOTMPS)

SBU Masterpoint Handbook 8th Edition

Paper Certificate Points

These no longer exist, as all points are now credited electronically to each member's peronal account on MEMPAD. 

W L Whyte
Member Services Committee
17th April 2019