The Scottish Bridge Union’s Master Point scheme came into operation on 1 September 1957. A committee of the SBU, in conjunction with the EBU, under the umbrella of the British Bridge League (BBL). prepared the scheme which all home national bridge organisations adhered to. In June 1993, the SBU transferred its paper master point records to a computer.

In July 2013 SBU Master Points and Membership records were combined in one database, named MEMPAD. - this website contains master points and membership data for all current and past SBU members. It is a secure database and can be updated by members themselves (access via a password) and club officials, as well as SBU officials.

The Handbook of the Master Point Scheme can be found in MP Documents.

Any comments, complaints or suggestions for improvements to to the master point scheme should be brought to the notice of the Master Point Policy Committee (chairman Peter Hodgson).