This section will act as a library of relevant documents describing the technicalities of the SBU Master Point Scheme.  We start with the SEVENTH edition of the Handbook of the Master Points Scheme (HOTMPS) which is dated September 2013. However this is now superseeded by the EIGHTH edition, dated August 2017, thus effective starting at the commencement of the 2017-18 season. 

Much of the Handbook (HOTMPS) has been rewritten and thus it is not useful to list the changes. This new edition is not available in printed form, but the PDF may be downlaoded from this site and from MEMPAD.

Any comments, complaints or suggestions for improvements to HOTMPS should be brought to the notice of the MP Policy Committee (chairman Peter Hodgson). 

William Whyte

On behalf of …
Master Points Policy Committee
1st September 2017