The home of Scottish Bridge

This is a guide for newcomers to Bridge who have been learning to play and now wish to get involved by joining and playing at a real life Bridge Club.


Here we are discussing life in a face to face (F2F) bridge environment, though the concepts will be mostly applicable to online play.

The Members

These are a crossmix of society united by a passion for Bridge.  They are human like the rest of us, with the normal failings and good points.  Duplicate Bridge is a competitive sport, and some are more competitive than others.  During a game some of them may become too obsessed to remember their manners.  Be tolerant, do not expect too much at first, take time to get to know them.  Some of them will be good players, others no better than you, but more experienced.  The ones who talk loudest are not necessarily the best players – look at the results!

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