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Tournament Director Training

The Tournament Director is at the heart of every game of bridge. He/she has to fulfil a large number of roles in the course of a tournament: – setting up the room, identifying the movement, locating duplicated boards, keeping the event running to time, calling the moves and where necessary explaining the Laws when something untoward happens at the table. At the end, everything has to be packed away and the event scored. It is absolutely vital, therefore, that if players are to enjoy their game to the full the Tournament Directors should have a good knowledge of all of these elements. A healthy sprinkling of common sense, a large pinch of good humour and an appreciation of human frailties are also much needed in a good Director. 

There are two levels of courses both free to SBU members.  There are also opportunities to shadow experienced TDs. Also there will be a course on Computer Scoring.

Basic Club Directing  

This is a double session introduction to tournament directing which is available in two formats. The first involves a discussion of basic Movements and Scoring but concentrates on the most common Law infringements (viz. Revoke, Faced Opening Lead out of Turn, Mechanical Errors, Penalty Cards and Insufficient Bids).

The second day involves more hands on experience and revision / exercises.

Advanced Course

This is a one day course, the central theme is the judgement decisions required in cases of potential damage resulting from such things as either hesitation in bidding or play or in the Misinformation situation. Also Comparable Calls and Polling.

All enquiries about courses should be directed to Angus Macdonald