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The Scottish Bridge Union is experimenting with keeping a record of psychic calls.  This applies only to events sponsored by the SBU itself: National competitions and Congresses

We ask Directors at National events to assist as follows:

  1. Announce at the start of events that psychic calls must be reported: players should report their own psychic calls as well as those of others.
  2. When a psychic call is reported record the details on the attached form.
  3. At the end of the event forward all the forms to L & E

What is a psyche?

‘A gross violation of the meaning of a call. ‘

Thus being a point or two short is not a psyche: but players frequently opening a 15-17 1NT with just 14HCP should be instructed to change the description on their card to 14+-17

Opening a weak2 with a 5-card suit is not a psyche: but players who do so frequently should state that on their Convention Card.

An opening bid of one of a suit that conforms to the Rule of 18 (HCP + 2 longest suits = 18+) is not a psyche unless the call is in a short suit.

If you are unsure whether the call is psychic or not record it and send it on: the L&E will make the final decision.

We take this opportunity to remind you that the SBU has exercised its option under Law 40B(d) to restrict the use of psychic artificial calls. It is forbidden to psyche strong artificial opening bids that are forcing:  e.g. an Acol strong 2♣ opener, a GF 2♦, or 1♣ in a Strong Club system.

If such a psyche is reported you should award a procedural penalty.