Supplemental Conditions of Contest: SBU Teltscher Trophy Trial 2013-2014


  1. The SBU Teltscher Trophy Trial relates to the selection of the SBU team for the 2014 Home International Teltscher Trophy for the Seniors Camrose.
  2. The 2013-2014 trial process will consist of one weekend - 15-16 February 2014.
  3. The leading two pairs from the trial will each be selected for the Teltscher Trophy on 16-18 May 2014 at the La Mon Hotel and County Club, Belfast, Northern Ireland.
  4. The Selection Committee will select the third pair from those who finished in the top half of the field.


  1. These Conditions of Contest are supplemental to the General Conditions of Contest and are established by the Selection Committee ("Committee") of the Scottish Bridge Union.


  1. Entries from pairs should be sent to the Secretary of the Committee, Ms Anne Perkins, 1B Forrester Park Grove, Edinburgh, EH12 9AL or eMail. The closing date for entries is 15 January 2014. All entries will be acknowledged.
  2. The Committee reserves the right to accept late entries at its absolute discretion.
  3. The entry fee for the trial weekend is £40 per pair.
  4. The eligibility requirements are described in the Bridge Great Britain Rules & Regulations for the 2014 Home International Series (PDF).
  5. In particular, players in the Teltscher Trophy must attain the age of 60 before or during the calendar year 2014, that is be born in or before 1954.


  1. The Trial will be held on 15-16 February 2014, probably at the Stirling and Union Bridge Club, Colquhoun Street, Stirling, FK7 7PX.

Event Format

  1. Each pair will play against all other pairs. Scoring will be by cross-IMPs with a cap and a floor. The cap will be the minimum number of IMPs required for a maximum VP win had the relevant VP scale been used, and the floor will be the minimum number of negative IMPs required for a zero VP loss. These results will be published board by board and as totals. There will also be, for information only, a conversion of the total IMPs by a mathematical factor to give totals which can be more easily related to a head-to-head match format.

Systems and Conventions

  1. The trial will be run as a Category 2 SBU competition.
  2. All systems must be registered with the Committee seven days in advance of the weekend.
  3. Where Brown Sticker Conventions (BSCs) and treatments are played, full details must be provided to the other pairs (through the Committee) a full 14 days in advance. Any pair failing to provide adequate notification shall not be permitted to play the method.

Penalties and adjustments

  1. Any penalties and adjustments levied by the Director will be expressed in cross-IMPs, using conversion guidelines as shown in the EBU White Book.
  2. The standard adjustment is 2 cross-IMPs per comparison (i.e., with sixteen pairs there will be seven comparisons and the standard adjustment will be 14 cross-IMPs) [EBU White Book 2013, paragraph 8.12.3].

Appeals Procedure

  1. An appeals panel duly constituted will consider any appeals.
  2. Any pair wishing to make an appeal against a Director's ruling should consult a neutral advisor prior to lodging their appeal. A list of names and telephone numbers will be available at each weekend.
  3. A deposit of £30 will be required if an appeal is made; this may not be refunded if the appeal is deemed to be without foundation (frivolous).


  1. Any notices to be given to, or communications for, the Committee should be emailed to the Secretary of the Committee.
  2. The Committee can be contacted at

Effective date: 30 October 2013


  1. EBU White Book 2013