Registered system cards for National League & Trials


Click the pair for their system card. EBL/WBF system categories, other than green, are marked. Systems changed after initial publication will be highlighted.  Note that each team is restricted to four system cards per weekend.

These are predicted partnerships for the National League.

SBU simple system WBF card (doc, odt, pdf)

National League

First Division

SHORT Brian Short - Alan Goodman images/WBFconventioncardAG-BDSSept2019PDF.pdf Sam Punch - Stephen Peterkin images/cc/2018-19/peterkin-punch-2018.pdf  
DUNCAN Sandy Duncan - Jim Hay images/cc/2018-19/AHDuncanJNDHay_20181013.pdf Finlay Marshall - Patrick Home images/cc/2017-18/home-marshall-201610.pdf  
FABEN John Faben - Phil Morrison images/MorrisonFabenFinal.pdf Paul Barton - Jun Nakamaru-Pinder images/20190923PaulBarton-JunNakamaru-Pinder.pdf  

Paul Maiolani - Jim McMenemy images/PaulJim.pdf

Mark Menzies - Tam Penman images/cc/2018-19/Menzies-Penman-2018.pdf  
SIME Iain Sime - John Murdoch | Glossary Miro Dragic - Douglas Piper images/Piper-Dragic-190924.pdf  
ADAMSON Alex Adamson - Derek Sanders images/cc/2018-19/Adamson-Sanders-2018.pdf Gints Freimanis - Stewart Pinkerton images/StewartPinkerton-GintsFreimanis.pdf  
McGOWAN Liz McGowan - Fiona McQuaker images/McGowan-McQuaker.pdf Sheila Adamson - Abi Wilson images/adamsonwilsonwbfSep19.pdf  
GERRARD David Gerrard - Derek Diamond images/cc/2017-18/diamond-gerrard-201610.pdf Charles Outred - Vi Outred images/cc/2016-17/outreds-201610.pdf  
ASH Mike Ash - Robert Ferrariimages/MA-RCFwbfcard.pdf Frazer Morgan - Phil Stephens images/cc/2017-18/morgan-stephens-20151017a.pdf  
SMITH Harry Smith - Roy Bennett images/CardSmith-Bennett2019-09.pdf Bob McPaul - Adam Dickinson images/Dickinson-McPaul-190926.pdf  

Second Division

Second Division      
FORSYTH Jim Forsyth - Nigel Guthrie images/cc/2018-19/Forsyth-Guthrie-2018.pdf Ronan Valentine - Liam O'Brien images/Ronan-LiamConventionCard2OverOne-Stokke.docx.pdf  
TAYLOR Ian Taylor - Andrew Symons images/Taylor-SymonsNL2019.pdf Peter Hodgson - Willie Nelson images/cc/2017-18/hodgson-nelson-20161015.pdfimages/cc/2018-19/Hodgson-Nelson-2018-amendment.pdf  
PATRICK Ian Patrick/ David Ritchie/ Cathy Ferguson/ Bob McKinnon    
GAFFIN Ronald Gaffin - Martin Bateman images/Bateman-Gaffin-190930.pdf John Di Mambro - Doug Mitchell images/cc/2018-19/Mitchell-DiMambro-2018.pdf  
SHENKIN David Shenkin - Bobby Moore images/ShenkinMooreBRIDGESYSTEMJuly19revised.pdf Martin Diamond - Colin Black images/Sellman-Diamond-190928.pdf  
McGINLEY Mike McGinley - David Wiseman images/Wiseman-McGinley-190929.pdf Robert Clow - Troy van de l'Isle images/CCCLOWVANDELISLE190924.pdf John Dick - Stuart McCreadie images/Dick-McCreadie-190926.pdf
KING David King - David Briggs W2 images/King-Briggs-100927.pdf Damien Byron - Willie Clemie images/cc/2018-19/WBF_DByron_WClemie.pdf David King - John P Hamilton W1 images/King-Hamilton-190927.pdf
McGEOUGH Eddie McGeough - Jim Mason images/MASON_MCGEOUGH_20190901.pdf Stewart Duguid - Ian Burn images/cc/2018-19/Ian_Burn_&_Stewart_DuguidOct2018.pdf Mike Hodder - Graham Johnson images/MHGJConvnCardOct18.pdf
PLANT George Plant - Malgorzata Rozman images/Plant__Rozman18-01-2019.pdf

Taduesz Janowski - Krzystof Nguyen images/cc/2018-19/Janowski-Nguyen-2018.pdf


FALCONER Glen Falconer - Damien Murray images/ALLOTHERPARTNERSHIPSCC.pdf Matthew Robb images/ALLOTHERPARTNERSHIPSCC.pdf Cheryl Duddell - Dave Duddell images/DuddellConventionCard.pdf
McLEOD Alisdair McLeod - Steve Pomeroy images/McLeodPomeroyWBFCCVI.pdf Anne Coles - Alex Russell images/RUSSELL_COLESWBFSep19.pdf Joe Duxbury
PHILIP Andy Philip - Steve Male images/Philip-Male-190924.pdf Ian Hunter - Grant Harrower  
MCKAY Tim McKay - Peter Moss images/McKay-Youngs-190925.pdf Derrick Peden - Keith Youngs David Liggat images/ConventioncardDSL-PM12.9.2019.pdf
STEPHENS Martin Stephens - Jake Milne images/Milne-Stephens-190926.pdf Robert Myers - Ben Paske Dan McIntosh images/McIntosh-Myers-190926.pdf



Women's Trials

PUNCH - Sam Punch, Paula Leslie, Fiona Greenwood, Julia Palmer

ADAMSON - Sheila Adamson, Abi Milne, Liz McGowan, Fiona McQuaker

Senior Trials

SILVERSTONE – Victor Silverstone, Irving Gordon, Derek Diamond, Brian Spears

SMITH – Harry Smith, Bob McPaul, Roy Bennett, David Liggat

SHORT – Brian Short, Alan Goodman, Iain Sime, John Murdoch

DUNCAN – Sandy Duncan, Jim Hay, Mike Ash, Bob Ferrari

FORSYTH – Jim Forsyth, Nigel Guthrie, Bob McKinnon, Cathy Ferguson

GERRARD – David Gerrard, Cathy Gerrard, Martin Diamond, Joyce Benson

COLES – Anne Coles, Alex Russell, Bill Ross, Emily Garden

MARSHALL - Finlay Marshall, Patrick Home, Jim McMenemy, Paul Maiolani