April 2010 - Approved by the SBU Council meeting on 13 April 2010

A) Status

The Selection Committee is a committee established by the Council of the Scottish Bridge Union.

The Selection Committee (hereinafter the “Committee”) reports to the SBU Council.

B) Structure / Authority / Policy

The Committee shall consist of one or more members of Council, one of whom Council appoints as Chairman. The Committee may co-opt up to three additional members who need not be members of Council but shall have been approved at a Council Meeting. Changes to the membership of a Committee must be approved by a Council Meeting.

The SBU President and SBU Secretary are ex officio members of the committee without a vote and have the right to attend all meetings. The Chairman of the Committee shall have a casting as well as deliberative vote.

There shall be no proxy voting.

The Committee shall have its terms of reference decided by Council. The Committee may make executive decisions without reference to Council but must follow policy decided by Council. The Committee may recommend policy changes to Council.

C) Responsibilities / Activities

The principal responsibilities of the Selection Committee are: -

  1. to prepare, and maintain current, a Selection Policy which defines general trial and selection modalities, agree this policy with Council and have it published and made known and available to all current and aspiring Scottish internationalists no later than end-June each year.

  2. to manage, control and execute processes and actions to determine the selection of players and officials to represent Scotland in the international bridge competitions and championships as listed below, as well as other international competitions, championships, invitation events and friendly international events as the SBU Council requires or considers desirable.

    1. The Camrose Trophy (Home International Series – Open);

    2. The Lady Milne Trophy (Home International Series – Women);

    3. The Senior Camrose Trophy (Home International Series – Senior);

    4. The European Team Championships (Open, Women and Senior);

    5. The Mind Sport Games (formerly World Teams Olympiad) (Open, Women and Senior);

    6. The Bermuda Bowl, Venice Cup and Seniors Bowl World Championships, subject to qualification;

    7. The Commonwealth Nations Championship.

  3. provide logistical support to Scottish international teams (e.g., travel arrangements, hotels, etc.)

  4. to make recommendations to Council concerning participation in international events, and to provide annual budget input to the Finance Committee.

  5. to determine the format and conditions of entry for each and any trial or series of trials which the Committee considers necessary or desirable for the purposes of discharging its responsibilities.

  6. to make suitable arrangements for the training, preparation and coaching of teams selected.

  7. seek to encourage and develop the skills of potential and existing Scottish players (including captains) within the Committee’s ambit.

  8. to commission such reports as it considers appropriate from players or officials representing Scotland in international events.

  9. to report to the Council at each meeting, in writing and as deemed necessary orally, on the activities of the Committee.

  10. to carry out its activities and approve disbursements, within its authorised budgets.

  11. to regularly publish minutes of its deliberations and decisions.

  12. to consult Council in cases of doubt over its mandate or authority.

D) Confidentiality

Proceedings and discussions are confidential and publishing of decisions shall only be made through the Secretary and/or Chairman of the Committee.

E) Conflict of Interest

Members of the Committee will not have voting rights and may be excluded from deliberations upon the decision of the Chairman where a conflict of interest exists or could be construed to exist. The SBU President shall enforce these limitations in relation to the Chairman. Any member of the Committee who perceives a potential conflict of interest situation will have the right of appeal to the President or the Council itself.

F) Autonomy

The selection decisions made by the Selection Committee shall be final.

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