The International Committee is a committee established by the Council of the Scottish Bridge Union. Its responsibilities include the selection of players and officials to represent Scotland in international bridge competitions and championships and the encouragement and development of the skills of potential and existing Scottish players. The Council defines its terms of reference.

All the Committee's work can be seen in the International section.

The current Chair of the International Committee is Ms Anne Perkins. The other committee members are Malcolm Cuthbertson, Sandy Duncan, Brian Short and Mike McGinley.

SBU Selection Policy, as approved by SBU Council on 8 July 2014.

The following motion was proposed and approved at the 2011 SBU AGM with regard to Selection matters:

This assembly wishes to replace the 2000 AGM [motion] with the following set of principles which it asks Council to follow and implement in terms of International Selection matters.

  1. Terms of reference for the Selection Committee will be agreed by Council and reviewed on a regular basis, normally every two years.
  2. Trials must always be held for Home International team events (Camrose, Lady Milne and Senior Camrose) and European team events (Open, Women and Senior). When selecting for other international events the Selection Committee will hold specific trials or use the results from other trials where appropriate. 
  3. Selection will be automatic for a leading team (if a team trial), or the two leading pairs (if a pairs trial).
  4. For the second leg of the Camrose the Selection Committee is free to select any team/pair that competed in the final stages of the relevant trial.
  5. Entry to all trials will be open to all SBU members in good standing. 
  6. Where the Selection Committee considers a trial is not feasible or viable, it will seek Council approval for any deviation from the above. 
  7. This motion does not apply to junior events as they are not within the remit of the Selection Committee.