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The Division is shown when a team is eligible by right to play in that division; it does not preclude playing in a higher division. The qualifying points (QP) are only relevant when a division is not filled with eligible teams by right. Any teams listed may be changed without requiring approval of the Selection Committee prior to the closing date for entry.

The divisions and format will be confirmed in early May following the closing date for entry.


Team Player 1 Player 2 Player 3 Player 4 Player 5 Player 6 Division QP
 SMITH  Harry Smith  Roy Bennett   Bob McPaul  Tony Wilkinson  Anne Symons  Helen Kane 1 n/r  
 SHORT  Brian Short  Alan Goodman  Sam Punch  Stephen Peterkin  Derek Sanders   1 n/r  
 OUTRED  Charles Outred  Vi Outred  Derek Diamond  David Gerrard     1 n/r  
 MCGOWAN  Liz McGowan  David Liggat  Jun Nakamaru-Pinder  Jim Hay  Sandy Duncan   1 n/r  
 SIME  Iain Sime  John Matheson  John Murdoch  Gerald Haase     1 n/r  
 BOUVERIE  Archie Bouverie  Lucia Barrett  Veronica Guy  Carolyn Peploe  Tim McKay  Derrick Peden 1 n/r  
 PIPER  Douglas Piper  Malcolm Cuthbertson  Frazer Morgan  Phil Stephens  Alex Wilkinson  Phil Morrison 1 n/r  
 KANE  Danny Kane  Irving Gordon  Brian Spears  Paul Barton       8.0 
 ADAMSON  Alex Adamson  Finlay Marshall  Mike Ash  Arend Bayer  Patrick Home     10.5 
 FERGUSON  Cathy Ferguson  Joan Lees  Bob McKinnon  Ian Patrick  Paul Maiolani  Jim McMenemy 2 12.0 
 CLOW  Robert Clow  Anthony Bates  George Plant  Peter Moss  Troy Van de L'isle     12.5 
 FABEN  John Faben  Adam Dickinson  Laura Middleton  Mike McGinley       13.5 
 MALE  Stephen Male  Marilyn Silverdale  Joyce Benson  Raymond Blin  Andrew Symons  Iain Taylor    14.0 
 WICKENS  Tim Wickens  Kim Fryer  Donald MacKenzie  Allan Whiteford  Colin MacDonald     14.0 
 BURN  John Burn  Stewart Duguid  Sandy Anderson  Bobby Moore  Sam Malkani   Stewart Pinkerton   14.0 
 LEITH  Pam Leith  Rona Moss  Peter Hodgson  Willie Nelson  Fiona Greenwood  Dilys Gellatly    14.0 
 SHENKIN  David Shenkin  Martin Diamond  Norman Levitt  Colin Black       14.5 
 MCLEOD  Alisdair McLeod  Steve Pomeroy  Abigail Wilson  Jake Milne  David Leslie     15.0 
 HAMILTON  John Hamilton  Russell Frame  Kirsty Goodman  Andy Bonnes       15.0 
 CAIRNS  Peter Cairns  Laurence Archer  Les Verth  Shirish Chotai       15.0 
 GUTHRIE  Nigel Guthrie  Jim Forsyth  John di Mambro  Ronald Gaffin  Ying Piper  Gints Freimanis   16.0 
 VALENTINE*  Ronan Valentine  Liam O'Brien  Damien Murray  Matthew Robb       16.0 
 MASON  Jim Mason  Eddie McGeough  Sandra Rabbitts  Elizabeth McGuire  Emily Garden  Bill Ross    

 *Standby team to ensure an even number of teams.