National League 2014


The SBU has been very encouraged by the support for the National League [NL] since its inception in 2012.  Consequently it has decided that the NL will be used for all selections of Open category teams [including Camrose].  Restricted events [Senior/Women/Junior] will have their own selection processes.  It is hoped that this will allow players to vary partnerships for different events.  It is the intention to retain this approach for the foreseeable future.


Specific circumstances for 2014

The Selection Committee [SC] is conscious that the NL was used for the selection of European teams last year and that the make-up of teams may well change, and new players be wishing to enter now that the NL is being used for Open selections only.  The selectors wish to facilitate this and ensure that players who are genuine aspirants for international selection are not disadvantaged.  The NL will have a process for ‘scoring’ new teams so that they can be placed in the appropriate Division [see below].  In addition – for this year only – the Committee reserves the right to expand the First Division by 1 or 2 teams if necessary. 


The National League

The full Conditions of Contest will be published shortly and will take precedence over any other information.  However in order to help players decide on teams and make arrangements the following provisional conditions are set out:

  • All players must be members of the SBU in good standing and be eligible to represent Scotland by 1 January 2015. 
  • Each Division will be of 8 teams [for 2014 only this may be 9 or 10].  If there are fewer than 16 entries, the Second Division will be smaller [unless numbers are such that the SC decides to have a single division].  If there are more than 16 entries the SC will decide whether a Third Division should be created.  It is the clear intention of the SC that as many teams as possible should be encouraged to enter.
  • There will be a system for promotion and relegation.  In principle this will be ‘2 up and 2 down’ but for 2014 it may be necessary to vary this if there are more than 8 teams in the First Division but there will always be at least 1 team promoted and 1 team relegated, subject to the promoted team(s) retaining their eligibility. 
  • The event will take place over 2 weekends in the autumn – 25/26 October 2014 & 22/23November 2014.  The SC will attempt to vary the venues for convenience of as many players as possible.
  • The entry fee will be £240 per team, which includes all table money for both weekends.  The 1st prize for the First Division will be £1000 and the winners of the Second Division will get free entry to the next year’s Winter 4’s.  It is hoped that entries will allow additional prizes – this will be announced before the event starts.  There will be a trophy for the winners of each division.  The winning team in the First Division will also be selected for at least one Camrose weekend in 2015. 
  • Players interested in taking part are urged to form teams as soon as possible.  Entries should be sent to Anne Perkins, Chair of SC by 30 April 2014.  Entries of incomplete teams or late entries will only be accepted at the discretion of the SC.


Ranking new teams for filling the First Division

Note:  There is no criteria currently for a team to join the Second Division but the SC may introduce them if it is decided to have a Third Division.


  • Existing teams in the First Division – and the team promoted to the First Division in 2013 – retain their status subject to maintaining team continuity (3 out of 4 or 4 out of 5/6 players remaining in the team for 2014).  These teams can add any Scottish eligible player(s) to make a team of up to six players.
  • If there are fewer than 8 teams meeting this criterion, new teams will be placed in the First Division on the basis of the average of the four players in the new team with the lowest scores. 


Players are allocated a score as below:




Players who played in the First Division last year and were not relegated

Players who played in the Second Division last year and were promoted


Players who played in the First Division last year but were in a relegated team

All other players [including those who have not played in NL]



In addition, for this year only the following achievements will be recognised.



All players who have represented Scotland in 2014 Camrose, members of the Bali team & Scottish Cup winners

Players who were in top half of the final 2013 Camrose trial, Scottish Cup losing finalists and winners of Winter 4’s.


Players who reached the final Camrose trial 2013.


Players who qualify to score in more than one event are deemed to have scored the lowest of the available scores.


Teams will be placed into the First Division on the basis of the lowest average scores of four team membersIn the event of ties, the SC will decide the order of teams taking account of other results in Scottish events.