Scottish National League FAQ 2013

Frequently Asked Questions

What will the team continuity rules be?

Team continuity is established if four players continue from a team of      six or three players from a team of four or five players.

Note that it is player-based, not partnership-based. Also a player      must have kept his eligibility, which means still able to play for      Scotland, and have played sufficient boards in the league over the season      (that is, at least 50% of the boards).

For example, suppose there is a team of six where two players only      play one weekend (say, 35% of the total boards). For this team to      continue in its rightful position in the subsequent season, the four      players who played most of the boards must remain in the team.

What happens in the second season if team continuity rules mean that  there are only four eligible teams for the First Division?

It is expected that team line ups will change most seasons and it is      quite possible that the number of eligible First Division teams will be      insufficient. In such circumstances the Selection Committee will      assign teams to divisions based on the following principles:

  1. An eligible team will always play in the division it is entitled          to. For example, if a team is promoted to the First Division and          maintains team continuity, then it will play in the First        Division.
  2. If a promoted team does not maintain team continuity, then the team          finishing third will not inherit the promotion by right.
  3. When there are insufficient eligible teams in the First          Division, then the committee will rank all the remaining teams.
  4. A team that is relegated from the First Division would be higher          ranked than a team that did not gain automatic promotion from the Second          Division.

Why is the National League not restricted to teams of four?

Teams may consist of four, five or six players.

It is believed that teams of six will encourage more participants      since it is not necessary for everyone to be available on all the      weekends.

Does each player need to play in every match or every weekend?

No. But any player who fails to play at least half of the boards will      lose 'continuity' rights and not be eligible for automatic selection.

Can anyone be a substitute?

As stated in the Conditions of Contest, a team that is unable to field      four players may apply to the Committee for authorisation of a      substitute. The Committee shall have absolute discretion with regard to      any such application but intends to follow these principles:

  1. A substitute(s) should not improve the quality of the team. This          will be a subjective judgement but in most cases should be        clear.
  2. Except in the case of an emergency substitution, the substitute must   satisfy the eligibility rules as well as being eligible for the target   events of the team - so a Women's          team must use a woman and Seniors' team another senior. This may be          relaxed in the case of a real emergency but would still require that          the substitute clearly does not improve the team.

Effective Date: 12 June 2013