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A gentle reminder that the date for return of the QUESTIONNAIRE 31st May. 

Thanks to those who have already sent theirs’s in.  It will be possible to update your responses over the summer.

Can I also remind everybody about the Seminars and Play & Discuss sessions running in June and July.  I believe that all of us will learn something from each of the sessions, even if you don’t seek to get into one of the international teams at the moment.  Please try to make at least one as we will be carrying out an evaluation at the end in order to decide what kind of programme to offer in future.

We will attempt to send individual emails with Zoom (for Seminars) and RealBridge (for P&D) links to you before each of the events but these links will also be on the International page on the website immediately before each session starts.

I will shortly be sending out dates for the Performance Events over 3 weekends in October and November.

Finally, I am very grateful for the encouraging comments people have made about our new approach.  I am sure there will be some who are less complimentary when it comes to selecting teams, but I do want to stress that the main reason for adopting this approach is to help players and partnerships get better.  We believe that if the overall standard of play in Scotland is improving, you will enjoy your bridge more and our teams will do better in international competitions.  Please do me any direct feed back on any aspect of our programme.

Mike ASH

Director of Selection

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