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51 members attended the briefing sessions and a few who could not attend have asked for a note of the key points.  Some of these are listed below but members are invited to contact Mike Ash, Director of Selection at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  if they have any further questions or wish to let him know of specific circumstances.

  • A squad system will focus on providing programmes for improvement, through
    • seminars,
    • play and discuss sessions
    • providing coaches for partnerships
  • Funding has been agreed over a 3/4 year period. Despite the SBU establishing a substantial budget, the proliferation of events and rising costs will involve asking players selected for overseas events to make some financial contribution and/or support fund raising activities.  A confidential 'hardship' fund has been established to avoid anyone being excluded because of affordibility.
  • Juniors now come under the remit of the Director of Selection. The new Under 31 category is a good opportunity to keep younger player engaged and we propose to enter teams and pairs in the regular European events.  It is proposed to run the three squads – U21, U26 and U31 - separately. Volunteers to help co-ordinate one of these squads are now needed.
  • For this year up to 4 Performance Events at weekends will be run. The programme for future years will be assessed after the 2024 Home Internationals. These Events will INFORM rather than DETERMINE selection - particularly in year 1 - and performance in other high-level events will also be considered (see questionnaire section for more information on what are considered high-level events).
  • A flexible approach to selection will try to take account of individual circumstances and recognise potential and commitment.
  • We need help in running Thursday night and weekend events (and support from clubs in providing venues and boards).  Please contact DoS with any offers or suggestions.