The first information letter about this event being held in Salsomaggiore (Italy) from August 21st to September 4th 2020 is attached at the end of this article.  The International Committee would like to receive expressions of interest from pairs or teams wishing to participate.  These should be emailed to me by February 22nd 2020.  All entries will be acknowledged.

The Committee is of the opinion that we have probably had enough trials so far this season and fitting them into the calendar is a further problem.  Choosing teams if there is more than one per category will likely be done on the basis of recent past performances in National tournaments and International matches.  It should be noted that it is very unlikley that any funding will be provided by the SBU for this event.

The World Bridge Games was previously known as the Olympiad.

First Information Letter for the 2020 World Bridge Games

Anne Perkins 
SBU International Committee