The Scotland team of Iain Sime, John Murdoch, Alan Mould, John Matheson, Brian Spears, and Paul Barton qualified comfortably for the KO stages of the championship but lost by 60-62 IMP to India in the quarter-finals.

TNST winners

The President's Team (Sandy Duncan, Irving Gordon, Derek Sanders, Stephen Peterkin, Liz McGowan, Sam Punch) had a great last day in the qualifying but lost by 51-54 IMP to England in the quarter-finals. Then, in the Transnational Swiss Teams, despite a last match wobble they qualified for the semi-finals where they were selected by the leaders, Canadonia (Cliff Gillis, Danny and Helen Kane, Martin Henneberger). After a tight first half they ran away to an easy win. In the final they played Canada and it went down to the final board, but they emerged victorious by 70-60 IMP.

The SBU team did not qualify for the KO stages of the main event.

Robert Clow and Derrick Peden were the best-placed Scottish pair in the Swiss Pairs, finishing seventh.