The International Committee is keen to recruit 2 new members to take it up to 6 members plus the Chair.  We want the committee to reflect the breadth of International events, so would be particularly interested in recruiting a woman and someone under the age of 35 to reflect the expectations of fairly recent Juniors.  If interested, please send an email to the Chair of the Committee Anne Perkins in the first instance by May 31st.

The following are the proposed dates of trials for the coming year.  The exact formats have still to be decided, but having the dates in the diary allows you to keep them free if interested.

Camrose trial - 3 weekends - Sept 17 & 18, Oct 22 & 23, Nov 12 & 13.  It is possible that the Friday evenings will also be used.

Lady Milne and Senior Camrose - one or both of Dec 3 & 4 and Jan 14 & 15 - again the Friday evenings my also be used.