Sunday 1 Nov 2020 - Tuesday 1 Jun 2021
Venue by arrangement

It is time to enter the 2020-21 Scottish Cup, Scotland’s premier event - knockout teams of four. 

There is currently no closing date since we have no idea when it will be possible to arrange matches.

Which gives you all more time to enter for some real bridge with real people at the table: teams of four matches should be possible even before the clubs are able to re-open for tournaments.

Those of you engaged in lockdown events might decide that this is the year to enter!

Scoring by International Match points.  Seeds will be limited to four.  32, 48 or 64 boards. Entry is £40 per team: this guarantees two matches, since teams unlucky enough to lose in the first round played are automatically entered into the Scottish Cup Plate.  Select the event name for full details.