SBU Simultaneous Pairs - Event Details

Event DateMonday 21 October 2019 - Friday 25 October 2019
LocationHeld in Clubs,
ConvenerAlan Officer

General Information

SBU Simultaneous Pairs for the Lord Thomson Trophy.  Each heat will receive 28 boards of which at least 24 shall be played (if there is a half-table, each sitting out pair MUST play at least 20 boards).  

Heats will be held in clubs on each night of the week, with different boards in each heat from Monday to Wednesday.

Thursday and Friday heats use the same boards.  Thursday heat players may not play in the Friday heat. When local results are published on a club's website, Thursday's results MUST NOT include the deal file or the travellers.

Entry Fee

£3.00 per player(£1.50 Junior); table money at the club’s discretion.


Master Points

Maximum  award of 5 National Points with awards to the top 1/3rd of the the field.

For Clubs

Clubs wishing to take part please contact Anna Gudge at eCats for files and optional material.

Please Use Reference such as / OCTSIM 2018; e.g.  for East District Ormiston club: E/ORM OCTSIM2018


Alex Russell & James Boulton (Bridge Club Aberdeen)

Previous Winners