Easter Sims & Bobby Allan - Event Details

Event DateMonday 09 March 2020 - Friday 13 March 2020
LocationHeld in Clubs,
ConvenerAnne Coles

Simultaneous Match pointed pairs.  Entry is £3.00 per player (£1.50 junior) to the Scottish Bridge Union. Table money at the club’s discretion.  Also, the highest scoring mixed pair over the week will be awarded the Bobby Allan Trophy (you do not have to be a Mixed Pair to play in the Easter Sims.).

Each heat will receive 28 boards of which at least 24 MUST be played (if there is a half-table, each sitting out pair MUST play at least 20 boards).  Each heat should consist of at least 8 pairs playing 24 boards or more.  Different Boards each day, except Thursday/Friday same boards.

Scoring via eCats: (links to be advised)

  • Monday session no. XXXX
  • Tuesday session no. XXXX
  • Wednesday session no. XXXX
  • Thursday/Friday session no. XXXX

Maximum award of 5 National Points with awards to the top 1/3rd of the the field. (Each day).

Easter Pairs Holders: Mike Hodder & Sandra Rabbitts (Bridge Club Aberdeen)
Bobby Allan Holders: Mike Hodder & Sandra Rabbitts (Bridge Club Aberdeen)

Contact Anne Coles

Clubs should request the Deal file for the day they are holding the event from Anna Gudge

Please Use Reference such as / EP 2018 for East District Ormiston club: E/ORM EP 2018

Easter Sims & Bobby Allan

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