SBU Winter Congress Swiss Teams - Event Details

Event DateSunday 06 December 2020
Start Time 11:00
ConvenerWilliam (Bill) Whyte

This Swiss teams event run by IBEX will be run in two sessions, separated by a 75 minutes break. Each session will be composed of four seven-deal rounds, thus 56 deals in total in the day.

Reservations and Payments will be handled by IBEX on their website, starting Monday 23/11/2020.
The charge will be £6 per session per player, thus £48 for each team of four for a full day of bridge.

This event is open to all members of the "home unions", i.e. SBU/EBU/WBU/NIBU/CBAI.
National Points (red in SBU terms, green in EBU terms) will be awarded.

To register your entry and pay, use the IBEX link below. Please be careful when entering data, computers are fussy!