SBU Winter Weekend Congress Bronze Pairs - Event Details

Event DateFriday 04 December 2020
Start Time 19:15
ConvenerWilliam (Bill) Whyte
Event Capacity54
Available Places54

This is the first Real Bridge hosted event run by the SBU for the SBU-wide community.

NB This event is now classified as an OPEN BRONZE PAIRS (no longer MIXED).

This is a one-session match-pointed pairs event of 20 deals with one winner, but if numbers are very high we may switch this to a two-winner event. BLACK points will be awarded at the club scale x 4.

The charge for the 20 board event will be £7.50 per pair. Please pay for a pair if you can, rather than two separate transactions.

Please pay directly to the SBU bank account (with ref WWC) shown on the right-hand side of this screen.

Registration will start on Monday 23/11/2020.  You will receive acknowledgement and payment instructions. Within 24 hours of the event start time, each member of the pair will receive an email with a link to the tournament website.

Entries received after mid-day on Thursday, December 3rd will only be accepted if convenient.

If you do enter after this time, please send an email to "masterpoints" to find out if it is acceptable.

Please note that SBU members holding their MP records with another NBO (EBU etc) can be asked to justify their ranking.

Bill Whyte
Congress Convenor