Thea Teale Bronze Pairs - Event Details

Event DateSaturday 06 November 2021
Start Time 11:00
Finish Time15:00
ConvenerFiona Greenwood

About Thea Teale

Thea was a member of both Carlton and Melville Bridge Clubs in Edinburgh and served on the Board at the Carlton. She was a respected and at times feisty bridge player, and achieved some notable competitive successes at local and national levels. Perhaps most importantly of all Thea was a lovely person, unfailingly polite, good-humoured and generous to both partners and opponents. Keen to win, graceful in defeat she is sorely missed at the bridge table.

Thea died in 2015 and left a very generous legacy of £20,000 to the SBU, who decided to spend the money over five years to fund education—including schools (50%),  Juniors (25%) and promotion of Bronze Events countrywide (25%).  At the time Council announced "This legacy will reflect Thea's love of the game and her enjoyment of the way in which it brings together players of all ages and levels."