Autumn Pairs - Event Details

Event DateTuesday 01 October 2019 - Thursday 31 October 2019
LocationHeld in Clubs,
ConvenerEddie McGeough

Heats may be held in clubs between 1st October and 31st October.  Entry is £3.00 per player; table money at the club’s discretion. Fees due to SBU by mid-November.

Clubs designate one match-pointed event during the month of October as their heat of this competition.  Results are collated and the pair with the highest percentage in Scotland are the winners.  It must be run as a one-pair winner event. A minimum 4 full tables is required and each pair must play at least 21 boards. Members can play at more than one club, but can win only one bonus award. 

Master Points

The top 1/3rd of the field share a bonus award of 500 local points.  In addition, points are awarded for each heat at double the normal club scale. All results and points calculation will be made centrally, so clubs must not award local points.


Hugh McCash and John Di Mambro

Previous Winners

For Conveners

Conveners should be familiar with how to process results from an event  All Results by mid-November. Send CSV (or XML) file to Eddie McGeough.